About the ShoreView Team

Professionals make the difference


The expertise of our on-the-ground people determines the quality of your move.  When making your choice, consider:

  • Will your Certified Moving Consultant be thorough, detailed, and patient?
  • Are the packers and loaders skilled and efficient?
  • Is your personal Move Coordinator up-to-date on any changes?
  • What kind of safety record does your driver have?

Here are some interesting statistics on ShoreView employees:

  • Our high-skill employees (drivers, surveyors, and packers, for example) have an average length of employment with us of 9-1/2 years.
  • A thorough background check is conducted for EVERY member of team even family members.
  • The average length of employment for all ShoreView Moving & Storage employees is 6-1/2 years.

Professional Development

Each of our employees spends about a week in training each year 6.75 days to be precise. Training includes:

  • Defensive driving
  • Workplace safety
  • Residence protection
  • Company software and recordkeeping
  • Packing and padding
  • Courses in forklift safety
  • Vehicle inspections, maintenance, logs, and other vital topics

Family members are the trainers and coaches in each of our departments. All of our Operations staff, personal Move Coordinators, and in-home surveyors (our Certified Moving Consultants) are trained, mentored, observed, and evaluated by family members on a continual basis.

A dedicated Safety Officer maintains compliance with all DOT, OSHA, NTSB, federal, state, and local regulations.

All crew members the crew chiefs, loaders, packers, and drivers attend training in-house and on-the-job covering all aspects of safety, padding, lifting, carrying, and the careful handling of your prized possessions.

Everyone knows that warehouses and trucks are required in our business, that’s a given. But we believe that Customer Satisfaction begins with Employee Satisfaction. You’ll see that when you meet our people. Beyond our equipment, moving process, and experience, you’ll find our people make the difference.



ShoreView runs on state-of-the-art move management software. Our Certified Moving Consultants are equipped with iPads, tablets, and laptops running dedicated programs to survey, inventory, and price each unique move. Mobile printers are used to give you a hardcopy guaranteed price quote before we leave your home on our very first visit.

Keeping in contact is vital as well. Nowadays we rely on a private, company-wide messaging system, in-house email servers and data networks, the current generation of smartphones, and a cloud-based VOIP telephone system to serve us whenever we talk. So that every time you call, we answer. When you write or text, we respond.


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