Free Moving Quote



Guaranteed Moving Prices

What to expect when receiving a moving quote

Trouble-free moves begin with a precise determination of what is being moved.

A Certified Moving Consultant will make an appointment:

  • At your convenience
  • Visit your home
  • and complete a full survey.

During that same visit, you and the ShoreView surveyor will discuss anything else you might need including:

  • Packing your goods
  • Moving laundry and exercise equipment
  • Transporting vehicles
  • Crating requirements
  • and other critical issues.

ShoreView Moving & Storage is the trusted moving company to help you with your upcoming move. No need for an additional truck rental when moving with ShoreView as we are the full service moving company for you. 

Do I get a moving quote in writing? 

Our knowledgeable moving veterans will give you a written, guaranteed, binding estimate for your entire move at no extra charge. These prices do not change once you are quoted.