Tips For Packing & Unpacking


How to Pack for Your Move So That Unpacking is Simple

Moving is physically, mentally and emotionally taxing. Plan ahead for the day you move so that when the movers pull away in the (now empty) truck, leaving you in a new home full of boxes, you can find what you need to kick up your feet and get some rest. After all, tomorrow is a busy day to unpack, organize and maybe hang some pictures in your new home!

Following expert packing and unpacking tips can make all the difference in how efficient and stress free the moving process is. Here are a few top packing and unpacking tips from the experts at ShoreView.

1. Schedule Plenty of Packing Time

Schedule more time for packing than you think is necessary. No matter how organized you are, packing usually takes longer than you expect. Even packing a small area can take hours when you get into sorting through items, determining what to throw out or keep, and what best to pack where. Start the packing process at least several weeks before moving day.

2. Label Boxes

Labelling boxes will make all the difference when it comes to unpacking. Label boxes by which room they belong to. It’s also a good idea to number or mark the most important boxes so you know where to begin when you start to unpack. Whatever you choose to mark your boxes with, make sure you mark both sides.

3. Pack the Items You Use Most, Last

There are many items in your home that you know you won’t need to use again for a while. Pack these items first, and leave the items you use the most until last. Ornamental items, holiday decorations, books and spare linens are all examples of items you might wish to keep but won’t need for a while, so getting those packed first or ahead of time is a great idea.

4. Find Supplies Before You Begin

Finding boxes and other packing materials can also slow you down, so factor in time for this process too. You can make the most of any suitcase and bags you have, but you’ll also need plenty of boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and markers. Ensuring you have all the equipment you need before you begin will help you pack more efficiently and reduce frustration.

5. Put Heavier Items in Smaller Boxes

There is often a tendency to fill a large box with lots of heavy items. Try and steer clear of this idea – pack smaller boxes with heavy items and larger boxes with lighter items – this way your boxes will last longer and will be easier to move.

6. Be Prepared with Bedding

For each bedroom that a family member is going to sleep in that first night, take a clean set of sheets, pillow cases and pillows and place these in the dresser that goes with that bedroom/bed. Then you can make the bed for a great night’s sleep in your new home.

7. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee with Survival Box #1

Pack a box that is as bright and colorful as possible, and mark it “KITCHEN COUNTER TOP – OPEN ME FIRST”. Inside this box keep a kitchen survival kit – coffee machine, coffee supplies, coffee mugs/cups and maybe some snacks. You can then wake up in your new home and be caffeinated! 

8. Pack Survival Box #2

Survival Box #2 will differ per family, but a few things are the same for all. Again, mark this box with bright colors and with the note “KITCHEN COUNTER TOP – OPEN ME FIRST”. This box should include a couple rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, utensils, trash bags and zip lock bags.  

9. Take a Photo of Your TV Set-up

This final step will save a lot of time and frustration. Before you disconnect your TV and stereo equipment in your current home, take a few good photographs of the wires so that you can use these to set up your equipment in your new home. If the wires are not color coded, you can tag the wires. Once all the wires are disconnected, place each unit in a big zip lock bag and mark it - for example “Family room TV”, then pack all your zip lock bags together in a third box labelled “KITCHEN COUNTER TOP – OPEN ME FIRST”.

Reach Out to Shoreview

Moving is the start of an adventure and can bring about exciting change and a new start. We hope the above tips will help facilitate a stress-free move so that you can start to enjoy your new home right away.  If you need any further guidance or assistance with packing, reach out to your friends at ShoreView! Our knowledgeable team members are here to help simplify your move.