Long Distance Movers


When you want top-rated long-distance movers to help you with your relocation, call our professionals at ShoreView Moving and Storage. As we’re partnered with North American Van Lines, our customers benefit from our extensive global network. What does that mean, exactly? Well, this is particularly essential for long-haul transfers, since we have substantial resources to guarantee a seamless move. Planning an interstate, cross-country or overseas relocation? Then, you’ll need the experts in the industry! That’s us – ShoreView Moving and Storage.

Long Distance Movers

Not entirely sure about when you should hire long-distance movers? Then, consider the following questions that will help you figure out when to opt for long-haul experts. Though some individuals are convinced they can pull off such a complex job on their own, the truth is, you’re better off with professional long-distance movers. Not only will you save yourself a ton of headaches, but you’ll also save on expenses in the long run.

Is your move more complex than a simple local transfer?

Obviously, if your move is more complex than an intercity transfer, then you’ll likely benefit from hiring long-distance movers. In reality, a cross-country or international relocation is infinitely challenging. As such, the key is enlisting experts in the field that can help you avoid a bad experience.

Did you reserve enough tools and equipment?

While you may have reserved enough tools and equipment right now, what happens if you need something else while on-route? Do you really want to hunt down extra padded blankets in the middle of nowhere, because there’s a problem with your shipment? Of course not! Professionals, however, have access to global resources and acquire them no matter where they are along the way.


Do you have a back-up plan if something goes wrong?

Something went wrong – what do you do? Sure, you could start calling around to see if you can find assistance. Unfortunately, you might not get very far if it’s not during usual business hours. But, if you had opted for experienced, knowledgeable long-distance movers in the first place, they would have solved the issue for you.

What happens if your home isn’t move-in ready upon arrival?

Believe it or not, this is a common scenario, especially in long-haul situations. In such a case, you’d have to find a temporary storage solution. However, with pros overseeing your relocation, they’ll have the connections to quickly set you up with warehousing at an affordable price since you’re already a client.

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