Long Distance Moving Services


With a history dating back close to 100 years, ShoreView understands the anxiety, stress, and fears customers face when preparing for a move that includes personal properties, family, pets, and additional belongings far away to their new towns.

ShoreView is a proud agent of NorthAmerican Van Lines and has been moving satisfied customers across the US for close to 100 years.

ShoreView will help plan your long-distance move and help transport your belongings across the country. We also connect you with a moving coordinator to provide a point of contact before, during and after the move. ShoreView is with you every step of the way.


What is a long-distance move?

Long-distance moves entail moving goods across state lines. This is often different than local moves that are a short distance away or even intrastate moves which occur when moving within the same state. Sometimes referred to as cross-country moves or interstate moves, a long-distance move is just that, moving a long distance away from your current home and into a new home a long distance away.

Long-distance moves require additional regulations that have to be granted when crossing state lines from one state to another. This also requires additional insurance policies meant to protect you (the customer) and your belongings. As an agent of NorthAmerican Van Lines, ShoreView is familiar with this type of paperwork and handles this type of move on a regular basis.

How much does a long-distance move cost?

When determining a long-distance moving quote, ShoreView takes many factors into consideration so your quote is fair and unique to you. These factors include the size of your current home as well as your new home. This also includes the number of floors in your new home along with the total weight of the property being transported. Finally, the distance of the move is added into the total cost of the long-distance move.

Each long-distance move is unique and ShoreView provides each customer with a unique moving estimate tailored to fit their needs.

How does ShoreView help to ease the process of long-distance moving?

With years of experience, ShoreView goes above and beyond to provide the best customer service to be your choice for long distance moving services. ShoreView does all the heavy lifting for you including loading, cleaning, packing, and storage. As one of the best companies in the moving industry, we pride ourselves on making your moving day a breeze.

How do I book long distance movers? What is ShoreView’s process?

ShoreView makes moving long-distance easy.

1. Contact ShoreView. First, either fill out our form for a quote request or call us at (703) 492-8900 and talk with one of our moving experts.

2. Provide details of your move. Our customer service team will collect the information about your move including the date and destination of your move. We will also ask about your current home along with any other services that you may need including storage, technology installation, or packing.

3. In-home estimate. Next, one of our team members will schedule an in-home estimate and do a walk-through of your current home. This is the best way to get an accurate and unique quote for your move.

4. Sign the quote & get ready to move! After you sign the quote, a moving coordinator will be assign for your upcoming move. This moving coordinator will be your point person throughout your move. The moving coordinator will help answer any questions you have along the way and provide valuable information to help you with your move.

Get Ready for Your Long-Distance Move

ShoreView Moving & Storage is your full service moving company ready to make your long-distance move stress free and provide a smooth moving experience. Book your move today and get a quote for your upcoming move.